Handout from talk to Kingston Wizo on 11/11/18

Here is the handout from my talk to Kingston Wizo on 11 November 2018.

Handout from Jewish Family History Talk at Kingston Wizo 11 Nov 2018

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Handout from My Genealogy Toolbox talk 28 October 2018

Here is the handout from the “My Genealogy Toolbox” presentation I gave to the JGSGB Annual Conference held on Sunday 28 October 2018 in London, UK.

JGSGB Handout My Genealogy Toolbox by Jeanette R Rosenberg OBE Oct 2018

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GerSIG Business Meeting at 2018 IAJGS Conference in Warsaw

Here are the slides and the meeting notes from the GerSIG Business Meeting that was held during the IAJGS Conference in Warsaw.

GerSig Meeting Agenda 2018 Warsaw

Note of GerSIG Business Meeting 2018

If you save the slides to your computer, all the links in the document are clickable.

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Talks by GerSIG Invited Guest Speaker at 2018 IAJGS Warsaw Conference

Here are the slides from the two really geat talks delivered by GerSIG’s invited Guest Speaker to the recent IAJGS Conference in Warsaw. Our speaker was Malgorzata Plosaj who is known as Malgosia.

The slides are posted here with thanks to Malgosia, and to Dr Clare Weissenberg – see her From Numbers to Names blog – http://www.fromnumberstonames.com

Clare also runs the Kitchener Camp blog: http://www.kitchenercamp.co.uk

The Kitchener Camp blog brings together resources for Jewish refugees held there in WW2 and seeks to gather together Kitchener camp documents, letters, photographs, and histories.



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IAJGS 2018 – Incarceration and Legal Restrictions

Incarceration & Legal Restrictions on European Refugees in the UK during the 1930s and 1940s

My talk explores the experience of refugees from continental Europe, who, having fled the ravages of Nazism in mainland Europe, found their arrival in the UK sometimes less than welcoming. I  spoke about The Kindertransport, other camps in the UK, and also about Internment on The Isle of Man.

I highlighted routes of entry to the UK, the earliest official records available and where they can be found. I also covered some of the initial destinations and refugee experiences of those who came over, and highlighted sources available to help you to find out about your family members.

I illustrated the presentation with rich case study examples, and the handout is comprehensive and signposts you to a wide variety of resources which will help in researching the lives of family members who sought refuge in the UK from the ravages of WW2.

Here are the presentation slides and the handout from my talk at the IAJGS Conference in Warsaw:

Presentation Incarceration and Legal Restrictions by Jeanette R Rosenberg OBE

Handout Incarceration and Legal Restrictions by Jeanette R Rosenberg OBE

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