German SIG Business Meeting at IAJGS Seattle 2016

Dear GerSIG Members

Here are the slides from our business meeting at Conference.

GerSIG Business Meeting at Seattle 2016 Slides

More detail will follow on the GerSIG list over the next few days.




German Jews in the Holocaust: New Sources of Information by Peter Lande

Here is the handout with the URLs from Peter Lande’s talk at the IAJGS Conference in Seattle. The title was German Jews in the Holocaust: New Sources of Information.

German Jews in the Holocaust New Sources of Information by Peter Lande


Write up from GerSIG Business Meeting in Jerusalem on July 9, 2015

For all those interested, please find attached a write up of the GerSIG Business Meeting held during the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem on July 9, 2015.


GerSIG Business Meeting in Jerusalem on July 9 2015

GerSIG Business Meeting in Jerusalem on July 9 2015


Handout from my presentation at the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem – July 2015

On Thursday 9 July 2015 I delivered a lecture at the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem. My topic was “Are German-Jewish Community Histories Trustworthy Source Material for your Family Tree?” I have attached the handout to this blog post in both Word and pdf formats so people will be able to download it when they wish.


Handout from a lecture delivered at the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem on 9 July 2015

Handout from a lecture delivered at the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem on 9 July 2015

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Society Saturday: Introducing the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain (JGSGB)

One of today’s really useful blogging prompts from Geneabloggers – who will be recognising my blog later today (thanks Thomas! I’m already wearing my Geneabloggers badge with pride!) is Society Saturday. I want to use this post to introduce you to JGSGB.

I spend a great deal of my time doing JGSGB things, because I am the JGSGB Education & Mentoring lead.

JGSGB is the UK’s Jewish Genealogical society and seeks to help people tracing their Jewish ancestors. We’re proud to be a member of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, IAJGS.

Our members are those who live here and are tracing their Jewish ancestors in the UK and anywhere else in the world, and those living outside the UK with Jewish ancestors who were here.

If you’re researching your own Jewish Ancestors, please do take a look at the JGSGB website and consider joining us.

So what do I do with JGSGB?

My JGSGB activity involves me in:

• Answering genealogical queries signposted to me from our enquiries team
• Running a monthly education webinar – see the education programme
• Running the JGSGGB Mentoring Programme, matching JGSGB members needing help from a more experienced genealogist to someone who can provide that guidance and assistance.
• Helping to guide the JGSGB Facebook Group
• Tweeting on behalf of JGSGB, you can follow me at @ettenaeJRR
• Helping out behind the scenes with the JGSGB Jewish Ancestors Blog
• Writing a range of genealogy education handouts and other materials which are available in the Members Area of the JGSGB website.
• Sorting out and updating the software on the JGSGB laptop computers

I also write occasional articles for the award winning journal – Shemot and a tutorial for each issue of our quarterly newsletter.

As well as this, I convene JGSGB’s German Special Interest Group, for those researching their families from German-speaking areas, I’m stand manager, leading our presence at WDYTYA-Live! and I represent JGSGB on the oversight group for the International Tracing Service Archive at The Wiener Library.

In addition, I can often be found doing outreach work for JGSGB by giving talks and running workshops, both internally to and externally on behalf of the society. April is going to be a particularly busy month in that respect. Tomorrow afternoon I will be speaking to the JGSGB Midlands Group and my topic is The JewishGen Family Finder – a gateway to worldwide travel? Next week I will be speaking to a synagogue group in Milton Keynes, and the week after that I will speak both to our South East Essex group and I’ll be running another workshop at the Wiener Library. At the end of the month I’ll be speaking to members of the New West End Synagogue.

… and when I have time, I also, very occasionally, spend some time researching my own family tree!

This blog post was published on 30 March 2013 and is © Jeanette R. Rosenberg

Reflections on Rootstech – Rootstech One Week On

Was that ever a busy time? Rootstech was great, and many of the Geneabloggers who were there have written in depth about there visits. I didn’t, my head was quite simply spinning with all that there was to see and do as a genealogist on their first visit to Salt Lake City, and to Rootstech. Now we’ve been home again for almost a week, I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on where I’ve been, what I saw, who I met and what I did.

I didn’t spend enough time in the Family History Library. Next time I visit I must spend more time there with my research.

My visit was clearly much to short to spend too much time researching in the library, but nevertheless, I managed to make some significant genealogy research breakthroughs in the part of my family that I know the least about. My research successes were all in the part of my family that didn’t come from Germany, but from Chernivtsi, Ukraine. My paternal grandfather, whom I knew as Opa Markus, was born in Czernowitz, Rumania, then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I know very little about his part of my family because records access has, until recently, been much more limited. So I had decided as part of my preparation for the visit to concentrate my research time on the records from there, because they have fairly recently become available after filming by the LDS. I’m still sorting through the copies of records that I located, but I know that my family tree will have grown significantly. Much more importantly, I have now got a few more lastnames to search for than before my visit, this is important, because three of my four Czernowitz Great Great grandparents were born with the lastname Rosenberg!

I should have attended more Rootstech talks, but I didn’t, I spent my time talking to people in the exhibitor hall.

It’s funny, every year that I’ve been to Who Do You Think You Are? Live (WDYTYA-Live!) I’ve always been there as JGSGB’s stand manager, and so have been “tied” to the stand, which has tended to mean that I’ve not been able to attend any of the talks, so being “off duty” and on “on holiday” should have meant that I could go to all (as many) of the talks as I wanted to. In the end, I went to a few of the talks, but spent much of my time taking to exhibitors, many of whom were not the same people as I would meet in London. Next time, I will reverse this and spend more of my time in talks.

Retail therapy – I’d expected to buy more genealogy “stuff”

I was glad to browse my way through the bookstore at the back of the exhibitor hall, but somehow I’d expected more things to buy at the show – books and info-wise. I’d even left space in my suitcase for more purchases, but in the end, my purchases were quite restrained. We didn’t even have excess baggage on the flight home!

This blog post was published on 29 March 2013 and is © Jeanette R. Rosenberg