If not now, when?

Ok so there’s never a good time to start writing a blog, and let’s face it, I’ve probably waited longer than I should have done to start this one. I’d promised that I would, when I got the time to do so, after all, I read lots of blogs, and I’m frequently found on Facebook, and I also tweet, so why not a blog?

So I finally got around to it, (yes, I know that’s the name of the blog…). When? right in the crazy-busy week just before the Who Do You Think You Are? Live! genealogy show, during the busiest genealogy week of the year in London. Could there ever have been a crazier time for me to start the blog than then? Probably not.

Anyway, I started, very quietly, because my plan was to have it all up and running in time for well – just about now, and WDYTYA-Live! came, and went again, and then life got a bit overtaken by events, and well here I am sitting in a hotel in Salt Lake City, just about a month later not having posted anything else.

So here we go – in at the deep end with another first – this is my first visit to Salt Lake City. I arrived here a few days ago and have spent a little time in the Family History Library, (more about that another time), but the main purpose of my visit here this week is to attend Rootstech which starts tomorrow.

After registration earlier today we spent the rest of the evening in the company of Geneablogger royalty, (You all know who you are!) and I promised you, perhaps rather rashly, that I would go back to my hotel and blog a bit more and then unleash the blog to the masses. Geneabloggers, here I come. I can only hope that this blog will be a worthy addition to your number!

I also promise not to use too many more partial Rabbinic quotations in my blog.


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