Neugarten One-Name Study

A particular area of interest for me as far as my genealogy goes is my research into the Neugarten family. I have a One-Name Study for this research which is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies. If your lastname is Neugarten or you are a descendant of someone with that last name, please visit my Neugarten Guild profile page.


The Neugarten family so far…

10 Generations in the main family tree, with 974 descendants from our Stammvater Samuel, who lived in the 1700s.
We live in 25 different countries around the world and in 21 different states of the USA.
Descendants of Stammvater Samuel now hold 282 different surnames.
I am a descendant in this family tree.

There is another Neugarten family tree who come from the same location in Germany as our Neugarten family.
So far I have traced 276 of them over 8 generations, and into 5 different countries.
I’ve not yet found any link between the two families, but I’m pretty sure that I will, eventually!

There are also a number of smaller Neugarten family trees that I am still working on, and which I know will join up with one or other of the two trees already mentioned.

Neugarten Surname Varieties:

Sometimes Neugarten family members change their name, this can be for a variety of reasons. Neugarten varieties found so far are:

Neugarten – Nagan – Newgard – Nugan – Najgarten

We also differ in pronunciation: New-Garten and Noi-Garten, but these differences in pronunciation are mainly a factor of geography.

This blog post was published on 3 March 2013 and is © Jeanette R. Rosenberg