Fearless Females – Who I am named for

I am named Jeanette Rosa. How could I have been called anything other than Jeanette?
One of my Dad’s Grandmothers was called Jeanette, and one of my Mum’s Grandmothers was called Jeanette.
Somehow being named after a great grandmother from either side of the family seems well, just right.

I was always told when I was a child that, if I had been a boy, I would have been called David. To me, that’s weird, because there is nobody called David anywhere in my close family.

My Grandmother Rosa died in the Holocaust. My middle name is Rosa in honour of her. Oma Rosa has no known grave. Instead, she has a Page of Testimony at Yad Vashem.

The link below goes direct to the page of testimony about Oma Rosa which was submitted by my uncle. I remember being shocked when I first found the POT, because before seeing it, I had never seen Oma Rosa’s photo. Link to POT for Oma Rosa

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